First Time Moving Tips

As a first time mover it is quite normal to experience first-timers jitters. When you are moving for the first time, whether it’s from your apartment, house or office, you tend to worry more about having strangers relocate your furniture and personal items from point A to point B. What’s worst is making sure that you select the right moving company so that your items can arrive to your second location in one piece.

In addition, the task of packing boxes can be somewhat overwhelming especially if you have to pack on your own. Before you commence your moving projects, there are a few methods that you can employ to ensure your moving project does not leave you all mentally and physically stressed.

Packing should be the first task on your moving list as it helps you put things in perspective and get organized. Packing experts would be the first to admit that you should start projecting close to six weeks before you move. This will allow you time to gather the right size boxes and other packing items such as tape, a marker for labeling and bubble wrap.

Boxes can be obtained from grocery stores or if you are using a moving company, some of these companies also offer a recycle box service. As you write the items that you have packed in each box, you should also keep a checklist of what is already packed as well. That way you would be on top of things when it comes to knowing how many more items are left to be packed in boxes.

If you have a large family, turn the entire moving project into a fun time. Order pizza and have everyone from the youngest in the family to the oldest assist you in packing. Make sure that you provide them with enough bubble wrap to secure your most delicate items. When these items are packed, write the word “FRAGILE” on it so that you and your movers can exercise caution when moving those boxes.

With every item in your current location all boxed up and ready to be relocated, your attention should now be focused on informing the utility companies that you are preparing to move. This call would be to instruct them of shutting off your service at the current location and perhaps asking for a transfer of this service at your new location. Before you start calling these companies, make sure that you are able to provide them with information about your new address and the date that you are expected to leave your old address. A change of address should also be sent to the postal service so that they can forward your mail to your new address.

Finally on moving day, boxes containing personal items such as your clothing, toothbrush, files etc should be kept close at hand so you may want to load these boxes in your car on your journey to the new home or office. By following these moving tips, you are guaranteed a peace of mind when you get to your new location.