Helping Your Movers on Moving Day

Moving is not easy and it is one of the stressful days that anyone might encounter, and probably one of the most important too. There is so much to do even if you have a professional moving team to help you with everything. The good thing about hiring professional movers is that you don’t need to worry about lifting your heavy stuff and you can focus on things you need to move and just instruct them what to do. However, there are also things that you can help them with and finish everything ahead of time.

You can save a lot of trouble if you have planned, beforehand, where to place your stuff once you arrive at your destination. You can put some marks on the spot where to place particular furniture and doing this can also help you arrange everything without trouble. And, you can pack your valuables and pertinent documents the night before your move and make sure not to miss anything. It is best to carry your valuables yourself or put them in a sealed cabinet or safe (if you have a portable one).

Make Sure that Nothing Obstructs the Movers’ Way

The best help you can give to your movers is to make sure that nothing is in their way when they finally pick your things and start loading them in the truck. You also need to make sure that you and your family members are not on their way while moving your stuff. Sometimes, movers prefer that you don’t do anything and let them handle everything themselves – they have done it a hundred times already.

Ask Them if They Need Your Help

When they arrived at your place, you can ask immediately if there are things that you can help them with to make the work less troublesome. If they say that you don’t need to help anymore, then respect their decision and just carry your important things with you. Most movers have planned everything already and your extra help might make them lose their focus. Sometimes you only become a hindrance instead of extra help if you have no idea where to position yourself during the moving process.

Bring Them Some Refreshments

You can always offer some refreshments and the movers will surely appreciate such gesture. You might not be able to help with the actual move, but at least you can prepare something to quench their thirst or replenish their energy. It is not easy to lift heavy objects and the movers also need to take a break and that is the best time to offer them the refreshments.

Keep Your Small Children in Check

If you have small children in the house, make sure to keep them out of the movers’ way to make the work easier and to avoid untoward incidents. Don’t let your children play while the movers are on the go and you can ask them to help. You can let them keep their important things with them like their favorite toys and tell them to stay in one place or put them in your car already, but don’t let them all by themselves.

Pack Your Things Ahead of Time

Prepare everything prior to moving so that the movers only need to pick and haul everything in the truck. It will take time if the movers are the ones to box all of your things and you can actually save some money if you are the one to box your stuff. You will not encounter a hard time figuring out the contents of the box if you were the one who packed them and labeled the boxes.

Group Things and Label your Boxes Properly

You can pack your things and mark with proper labels to make the movers aware of the contents of each box. Group fragile items together so that movers will know that they need to take extra care in handling them. It is best to have proper groupings of the things that you need to place inside the boxes.

You may not take part in the actual moving of things, but you can help ease the process and make everything easier and be finished in no time at all.