How Many Boxes Do You Need

When you think of packing or moving out, you think of moving boxes. This is already a given. In fact, one of the first questions you will ask is “how many boxes do I need?” Below are useful bits of information that should help you answer that question, with a reasonable amount of accuracy.

A Rough Estimate

Some experts like to answer this based on the number of rooms you have. They opine that per bedroom you need an average of 5 small boxes, 5 medium boxes and 3 big boxes.

  • Small boxes are: 14″ x 14″ x 14″
  • Medium boxes are: 24″ x 24″ x 24″
  • Big Boxes are: 32″ x 24″ x 32″

What Kind of Room Is It?

Different rooms have different requirements. For example, a bedroom requires bigger boxes for linen and toys, whereas a dining room requires smaller boxes for specialized and fragile items.

Eyeing Your Stuff

Arguably the most accurate estimate is to go through every room, and look at your stuff. The average person can probably think of a rough estimate per room. And this is more accurate than the “5 by 5 by 3” approach. Remember, you sort and box similar items in one box. Be especially careful with fragile items, electronics, glass, china, etc. Breakable items will also require packing paper and bubble wrap to avoid damages during transportation.

Big Item Boxes

Did you save the boxes your bulky appliances came with i.e. refrigerator, television set, air conditioner, heater, and the like. These items need their own boxes to minimize scratches and damage. Tip: if you are renting property, it is best to flatten out the boxes and keep them underneath your bed or in storage.

Small Items

The rule of thumb is you place items inside the individual boxes it came with. That is if, you still have it. Then stack them with other similar items, inside a bigger box.

How Heavy Should I Make Each Box?

If you have big bodied movers coming along, then you can pack heavier boxes. If you are going to do it alone or with a few family members, best keep them light. It’s usually recommended to stay around 35-40 lbs per box. The “how many boxes do I need: equation is simple:
More men = heavier weight = bigger boxes = less boxes
Less men = lower weight = smaller boxes = more boxes
More boxes or Less Boxes

If you are buying boxes, then less is better. This means more planning. If you are getting boxes for free then you can add several more just in case.

Where to Get Boxes?

Go to your local mom and pop store, or junk shop and ask if they have some merchandise boxes you can get for free. If the store owner seems hesitant, tell him/her you’re willing to pay for them. These boxes are a lot cheaper than buying brand new ones. And it’s environmentally friendly. Be selective though.

Solid Bottoms

Make sure the boxes you buy have sturdy bottoms. Use duct tape on the bottom and packaging tape up top. This should make it sturdier, and save you a couple of dollars as well.