How to Move on Short Notice

A short notice move is unavoidable in certain situations. This holds true if you have received a sudden promotion, which requires working in a new location, or your spouse received a stable job offer out of the state and it starts in two weeks. While these events are worth celebrating, there is a great possibility that you will be overly stress out about how you will manage your relocation within just a short period. Here are some tips design to help your short notice move as stress-free as possible:

Hire a Professional Mover

While hiring a professional mover to help you with your short notice move is sometimes expensive, note that the amount spent will still be worth it since this is the quickest and the most hassle-free solution available for you. Consider contacting several moving companies in your area, preferably around five to six. This is necessary in comparing rates and services.

Another tip is to create a schedule and deadline. Just make sure to prevent the rush from getting under your skin since this will only lead to uncontrollable frustrations and extreme stress. Staying calm despite the rush is essential in preventing the risk of committing the most common moving mistakes that will only lengthen the process, instead of shortening it.

When hiring a moving company, it is also advisable to prevent making a hiring decision based solely on the cost of moving services. Avoid hiring companies that offer the cheapest services since there is a great tendency that they are just around to scam you. If you just know how to look and manage the stress involved in moving within just a short notice, it is possible to deal with an affordable full-service mover who can offer help in packing, transporting and loading your belongings.

Determine the Number of Rooms in Your Present Home

This is necessary in effectively organizing your moving schedule and plan. Consider dividing the number of days left for your move by the number of rooms in your home. Managing the time for your move is easy if you properly allocate a reasonable amount of time for packing the belongings in each room in your household. Consider doing the packing in less time for each room. This is useful in ensuring that you will have enough time to handle emergencies or any last-minute activities. If possible, allocate at least two days prior to your moving date to take care of other important things.

How to Do the Move Yourself?

If lack of money is the issue, then maybe isn’t a good option to hire a professional mover. Especially if most of the movers in your area charge expensively for their services. With careful planning, it is possible to do all the labor yourself. Just make sure that a good plan is in place and that you create a schedule for each of your activities to prevent the risk of rushing and becoming overly stressed.

If possible, seek the help of your close friends and family. Your closest friends and relatives might help with packing your belongings for free. It is also advisable to locate free or affordable moving boxes to avoid spending a substantial amount for them. If there are no available boxes, then consider using garbage bags.

If you plan to use boxes, then make sure to organize your items based on their weight. Consider putting the heavy ones at the bottom while the fragile ones should be placed on top. This will prevent your fragile belongings from getting crush and damage during transport.

It’s advisable to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of doing it alone or with the help of a relocation company. Consider weighing everything before formulating a decision. Who knows, you’ll be able to spend less if you hire a professional mover than having to do it alone?