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Why Choose Thoughtful Moving Company?

With over 30 years of experience in moving Clearwater families and businesses, Thoughtful Moving Company is the local name you can rely on to understand and resolve all of your moving and storage challenges. Whether moving across Clearwater or moving across America, Thoughtful Moving Company is your best local or long-distance choice in moving companies.

We live in a fast-paced world, you are being pulled in a thousand different directions every day. When it comes to planning and organizing a move, you have enough to worry about! You can relax and let Thoughtful Moving Company put all the thought into your move.

Our Full Range of Moving & Storage Services 

In a world where customization is king, we believe that you should be able to customize your moving experience to fit your needs exactly. That is why Thoughtful Moving Company strives to offer an extensive range of services to Clearwater movers.

Local Moving Service.

Thoughtful Moving Company has been successfully moving Floridians for over thirty years. We have the experience and expertise needed for local residential and local commercial moves alike.  

  • For residential moves, you can rely on our export movers to wrap and protect all of your furniture and valuable items to prevent damage during the moving process. 
  • If you are moving an office or a business you can trust our movers to take care of disassembling and reassembling office furnishings, maintaining the integrity of files, and safeguarding fragile and expensive equipment.

We guarantee a smooth, stress-free move to or from:

  • Single-family homes
  • Apartments
  • College Dorms
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Retirement Communities
  • Office Buildings
  • Commercial Properties
  • Storage Facilities

Long Distance Moving Service. 

If your move takes you further away, Thoughtful Moving Company is ready to assist with your long-distance move. Moving far away from friends, family and familiar surroundings can be stressful. Add to that that the worry of all of your valued possessions being out of your control during the move and it’s enough to make your head spin.

Let Thoughtful Moving Company remove that stress from your move. We guarantee that the moving crew who packs up your home and loads it onto our moving truck will be the same moving crew who safely drives your possessions to your new location, coordinates with your family’s arrival, and carefully unloads and unpacks your belongings into your new home. 

From start to finish, you can trust that one crew will take responsibility for your move and see the job through.

Post-Move Cleaning and Touch Up Service.

Moving days can be long and exhausting. Nobody wants to have to return to an emptied house, office or business premises with mops, buckets and cleaning supplies to get it ready for sale or for the next occupant.

Let Thoughtful Moving Company take the dirty work off your hands. While you are unpacking and settling into your new home or office, our professional cleaning crew will take care of the cleaning up at your old premises. We will sweep, mop, vacuum, and wipe. Our cleaning service also includes deep cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms along with the restoration of large appliances such as fridges, ovens, and stovetops.

Does your home or office show signs of wear and tear? No need to worry! Thoughtful Moving Company also offers a general handyman and touch up service. We can patch, repair, and paint walls, take care of dings and scratches and get your premises looking clean, well cared for, and presentable, leaving you free to concentrate on enjoying your new location.

Storage Service.

Moving from one location to another is not always a smooth process. Sometimes your new home or office is not ready, or you are downsizing and can’t bring all your possessions or equipment to your new premises. 

We have your local, Clearwater-based, storage solution. 

Instead of moving your possessions to a self-storage facility or packing them into an oversized metal storage container; let us store your belongings at our private, secured storage facility.

Unlike public, self-storage facilities, you can rest assured that only our professional, trusted associates will have access to the storage area. Unlike metal storage containers, your belongings will be stored at an indoor, temperature-controlled facility.

Our long and short term storage service is perfect for:

  • Building delays
  • Downsizing
  • Extended trips abroad
  • Storing seasonal items
  • Safekeeping family heirlooms for future generations

Thoughtful Moving Company, Known For Our Integrity

Thoughtful Moving Company is a local, Clearwater company, and our good name in the community means a lot to us. When you trust us with your move, we take the responsibility very seriously and we promise the following:

Owners Who Care.

All of our owners have backgrounds and experience in large moving companies. They have seen the right way and the wrong way to run a moving company. We guarantee that all Thoughtful Moving Company owners will be involved with your moving and storage experience every step of the way and that they are dedicated to ensuring that every job is done correctly.

Honest and Accurate Estimates.

All of our move estimators are experienced movers, so when our representative comes to your home or business, you can rest assured that they have the experience to give you a fair and accurate quote. None of our estimators work on commission, we believe this is the best way to ensure that all estimates are unbiased and honest. 

Our estimator will take an inventory of the contents of your premises and provide you with a detailed plan for your move so you will know what to expect on moving day.

Your on-site move estimator will also be the foreman on the day of your move. This guarantees that there are no surprises or unanticipated challenges or delays.

Employees Motivated By Your Satisfaction.

Thoughtful Moving Company is the only Clearwater moving company that pays a monthly bonus to all of our movers based on the overall satisfaction of you; our customer. Our bonus system ensures that all of our employees take joint ownership and pride in every step of your move.  We believe that rewarding our loyal employees for a job well done is the best way to encourage teamwork and partnership in getting every moving job completed properly and on time. 

We Are At Your Service

From long to long-distance to local moves, from storage to cleaning and repair; Thoughtful Moving Company is your best choice in Clearwater!  We take the trust of our customers very seriously and we guarantee you will be satisfied with the job every step of the way. 

It is our honor to meet the moving and storage needs of our community and we look forward to serving you in the near future!

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