Most Overlooked Moving Expenses

So you’ve put the down payment on your new place, rented the truck, and set the date. The process of moving is quite an expense, to prepare yourself there are some unexpected or hidden costs that may not be known. A good piece of advice is to take your estimate costs and double it so that you are prepare for anything unforeseen.

  • Movers – A full service moving company usually has an option to pack your stuff for you. The estimate may be based on the estimated amount of packed boxes and the hours worked. Be sure to read the fine print and find out how much extra those added boxes will cost you.
  • Packing materials – If you are packing yourself be sure to include the cost of tape, boxes (although some grocery stores will give you as many as you want for little or no cost), bubble wrap, newspaper, fragile stickers if they are require.
  • Insurance – Basic liability coverage is usually $0.30- $0.60/lb. The amount of the insurance evaluated might not be enough to cover higher priced items though. Some moving companies also offer full coverage insurance, but this will be based on how you say your stuff is worth.
  • Hotels/meals – Put aside money to house you and your family while you are waiting for your stuff to get move. Be sure you have money to eat and sleep comfortably.
  • Service activation – Before you get all settled in you’ll want phone, cable, internet, electricity, trash, and water to be ready to go. Call ahead to find your new company and if there will be an increase in what you were formerly paying. Keep in mind that if you are moving from an apartment to a house with a lawn, there will be an increase in water usage and costs.
  • Gas/plane/bus tickets – However you and are getting to your new home, be prepare with enough funds to cover getting there.
  • Timing – Some companies charge more to move your stuff on the weekends, as it is usually their busiest time. If you can accommodate it, plan your move during a weekday. Be sure to avoid holidays.

About Fee’s:

  • Cancellation fees – This applies not only to the moving company, but to your new place as well, and perhaps the place you are moving from. So if that job falls through or another unexpected delay occurs, be prepared and know how much it will cost.
  • Storage – For the items that won’t fit, that you don’t want to move or just don’t fit your new decor, you’ll need a place to put them. Also, if there will be a delay in when you pack vs. when you move to your new place, the moving company may charge you for holding your stuff.
  • Hoisting fees – This applies to those items that won’t go easily out your front door, such as jacuzzi, odd shaped couches, and exercise equipment. If it can’t go out the door some companies charge a hoisting fee to get it out the window.
  • Long carry fees – If you are moving to a different state or country, check the extra costs. Also, if movers can’t park right in front of your door, some will charge $90-$120 for every 75 ft they have to carry your items. If you are moving to an apartment or gated community, see if you can reserve a place ahead of time.
  • Environmental fees – This is a fee that moving companies will sometimes charge to get rid of the leftover boxes and tape that were not require to move your belongings.

Just an added piece of advice always read the fine print before signing a contract. If you have any questions about what something means, be sure to ask questions. It is better to understand beforehand instead of getting hit with fees you had no idea were coming.