Moving on a Rainy Day

Moving out of an old house to a new one could be fun and exciting. However, there are lots of things that might complicate this matter. One of the messiest things would be moving out when it is rainy. Even if there is a moving company that has been hired, the whole task could result in a lot of worries.

What makes a rainy day move a complicated thing? The following might be able to provide an explanation:

  • The safety of those who will move and transport stuff could be put at risk. Slippery roads, reduced visibility, and other road conditions during rainy days increase the possibility of accidents. Moving when it is rainy could also put in danger the lives of other motorists and pedestrians.
  • The time frame of job completion could be decrease. A moving company could only perform its promises about speedy transportation of cargo if the road conditions are good. Drivers will never rush deliveries during rainy days as they are mindful about the safety of people and of the precious cargo they are carrying.
  • Moving companies would tend to charge additional fees when such jobs happen to be on rainy days.This would of course be justify since they will need to arrange for special materials on packing of items to be move. Vehicles would be also choose according to the kind of conditions on the road.
  • Weather conditions could be quite unpredictable. Even if there are weather forecasts or reports, one could not really rely on it most especially when the moving company has been booked weeks in advance.

The good thing about moving out when it is rainy is that there are companies that really specialize in it. A homeowner who suddenly finds out that the next few days would be rainy could do some preparations. Things that can be prepared in advance are as follows:

1. Extra plastic sheets: These needs to ensure that items to be move will never be expose to moisture or water damage. Bubble wraps could also work for this scenario. While the moving company carries moving equipment and materials, it is a good thing to have some extras around. Moving blankets as brought by movers could be supplemented by shrink wraps.

2. High quality boxes: Moisture will weaken the bottom of ordinary boxes. Local stores now sell boxes that are intend for rainy day moving out. It is also a better idea to make boxes out of the materials around the house. Extra waterproofing materials can be add into it.

3. Anti-slip mats: These could be place on the bottom of furniture pieces when loading onto the truck. The area where loading activities would be done should have anti-slip mats as well. This will ensure that the movers would be safe when loading heavy and fragile pieces of cargo.

4. Protective footwear: If a moving company has been hired, it is less likely that a homeowner would be doing some lifting. However, when it is so rainy that the process is really slow down, one would really be tempt to help out. Rubber boots with anti-slip bottoms should be readied.

There are also many tips that could be followed in order to ensure that the whole process of moving out goes smoothly. For instance, the garage could be prepared in anticipation of the big move. Large pieces of furniture should be in the garage for easier access. Of course, this would mean that plans on placing the moving truck near the garage should be made.

Proper planning for moving out is the key for the smoothness of the whole process. Even if the skies have been clear for the past few days, it is better to anticipate the worst and plan out a rainy day move. Being prepared will pay off really good in the end.