Organize Your Office Move

Have you ever wondered why some businesses stay at the same location for several years? Maybe it’s because they already know that moving from one office space to another can be a daunting task. Unlike moving from house to house, an office move is challenging since you are responsible for much bigger items and equipment to move. With an office move, leaving something behind is not an option because every file and every piece of paperwork will be missing can be detrimental to one’s company.

In order to make a successful office move, one is require to start making plans to move some three to five months before the actual move. With this much time to prepare for your office move, you are ensuring that your business is operational within a day or two after the move.
Next if you are moving from a ground floor office to an upper floor space, you need to notify the movers about this. Does the building have elevators so that the movers can easily get to the new space or is there just a staircase? These are the answers you need to provide your moving company so that they can determine if they are ready to take on your business or not.

Here are some tips for a better and faster moving:

The next step would be to take inventory of office equipment, furniture and cabinets. Strap or tie your cabinets tightly so that the contents in them would not fall out during the ride to the new office. One should also try to measure these cabinets and equipment to determine where they would fit in the new office. Each office equipment, furniture and cabinet should be label with either the employee’s name or the department’s name on it. In addition one should have a copy of the new office floor plan so that it would be easy to delegate each employee and department’s office space so that business can resume within days of moving in. This will also eliminate stress for both the movers as well as your employees.

Another way in which employees can assist the local movers is by packing and boxing their own belongings. Office managers should ensure that all employees are aware of their responsibilities and follow through with it. Perhaps these office managers should also come up with a deadline for employees to have their belongings all pack up and ready to be move.

From time to time during the move, there would be equipment and documents that you may need to get rid of. Shred all documents before the move and try your hardest to sell the furniture so as to recoup your moving expenses. If this is not possible, label the items that need to be thrown out as “trash” so that the movers are aware that these items are not to be moved to the new office.

These are some proper packing of electronics?

When moving computers, they should be disconnected and their wires twist-tied, labeled and placed in a box. You may also want to write the employee’s name on the box as well. Similarly disconnect the wires and cords from the photocopy machines and printers and remember to remove the inks and fluids from them as well so as not to have a spill in the boxes.