Small Movers vs Big Moving Companies

Moving can be a stressful and tiring thing to do. However, by accessing the services of moving companies, the job could be a lot easier. It is to be noted that when in the process of selecting the best service providers to hire, two general options are always there to consider. It could be hiring either a small mover or a big moving company. While their services might seem to be just the same, there are differences between them.

As a prospective customer of these service providers, it is a good idea to know the differences between each. By doing so, correct decisions could be made when moving under specific conditions or scenarios. The different points to consider are as follows:

Industry Standing: Nationally recognized companies are well-known. It is for this reason that they are pressured to always provide high quality types of services. They have good reputations to uphold and preserve. The chance of meeting a well-known moving company that will scam clients is very small. Small or locally based movers are good to access when moving only within cities or towns. Their reputation is very well known among locals since there could be just a few of them in their areas of operation.
Recommendations could be easily verified since these are small-town operators.

Customer Service Quality

Big moving companies take the lead when it comes to customer service. Since they have nationwide coverage, they tend to make sure that customers have multiple ways of connecting with them. These could include service hotlines, email, SMS, chat operators, and many more.

However, a disadvantage gets reveal here. Since a lot of customers are contacting them, the people behind these companies might not be able to entertain well each client. Small movers get the upper hand here. They have phone lines that are easily contact. Of course, the presence of a locally accessible office is an added advantage too.

Manpower, Equipment, and Resources

Big moving companies are of course at an advantage when it comes to these things. They have more people available, wide varieties of trucks and equipment, and lots of industry connections that could make their services better. Small companies could trail on this point but what makes them at par with big companies is that their equipment is much more suited to the needs of local clients. Their people are also more familiar with residents of their covered areas. This leads to better client relationships and improved quality of services.

Cost of Services

Big moving companies are known to charge high fees. They are not afraid to implement such pricing ranges because they know that clients will always have a preference for them. The high fees are meant to cover up for what they are spending on operational expenses as well as marketing efforts. Since they are operating on a bigger scale; operational expenses are of course high. Small local movers can charge less because their operational expenses are lower.

Customization of Services

Big companies can offer a wide range of service packages, but these are commonly already fix in terms of features. Small movers allow more flexibility on the service packages they could offer. Customization of services in order to fit into the specific needs of clients is very much possible for small moving companies. It means that rates could be flexible or negotiable too.


Big companies could be speedy when moving across country. However, if only local locations are involve, small movers are at an advantage. Since the people working for these companies also reside within the areas of operation, they are totally familiar with all parts of a city or town. They know the best routes to take when delivering their services.

Small movers and big moving companies have many differences. However, they each have great advantages that could work best for specific need scenarios. A prospective client should know about this so that wise hiring decisions could be made when times of need arise.