Moving & Cleaning Services

Are you looking for a high rated Clearwater moving company who also offers after move-in cleaning and basic handyman services? Thoughtful Moving is the company to call. We are professional movers and cleaners dedicated to make moving and cleaning a breeze.

We offer the following moving and cleaning services in Clearwater:

*White glove Pack/Move/Clean

If you don’t have the manpower to pack, lift, and move your possessions, the white glove team will handle it for you. Everything is listed and monitored to keep things from being misplaced. We offer our after move cleaning services to get your old home Move in ready so you don’t have too.

*After Move Cleaning Services

No one wants to return to their old home just after we have moved all their property out. With our after move cleaning services we will get your old home move in ready so you don not have too. Our after move cleaning services include sweep, mop, vacuum, steam cleaning (depending on floors). Bathrooms scrubbed and cleaned top to bottom. Kitchen scrubbed and cleaned which includes refrigerator and stove restoration. We also offer basic handyman services which include patch and painting of walls. When your tired After a long day with our professional movers moving your belongings, let us thoughtfully clean up after you.


If you are downsizing homes and need storage for your items, we can safety pack/load and store your possessions. No need to downsize or throw your precious items away let our professional movers inventory and store them for you.

*Office Moving & Cleaning Services

Are you in need of the best office moving company? Is your business transferring to a better building? We can handle the move for your company. Our business is equipped to plan any size office move and clean immediately after. Let us plan your Office move so your business does not miss a day of work. That’s how we help fellow business owners.

*Household Moving & cleaning services

If you need a Tampa bay Moving company to move you to another home, you can count on us to move all your possessions safely. Our team will do the heavy work so you can have peace of mind.

In fact, no need to look for another local moving companies in Clearwater. With Thoughtful Moving, we are your one-stop moving and storage company. Together we will travel the journey of new opportunities.