Clearwater Storage Concierge

Thoughtful Moving Services

Are you renovating your home and in need of storage space for your things? Or are you downsizing? Living between homes? Our Clearwater storage services are here to help you out. Our climate-controlled storage facilities are guaranteed to retain the storage quality of your possessions.

Why you need storage services

There are many situations where you’ll need to put some items out of your house for a specific period. Here are some of the common reasons why customers prefer moving companies with storage options:




*Transitioning to a new home

*College students with possessions that they need to store during summer break

Why trust Thoughtful for your storage

Of all local moving and storage companies, our Clearwater storage is preferred due to the peace of mind we give our customers. We have gated storage facilities equipped with burglar alarms. Each of our storage slots also has sprinklers to secure it from the possibility of fire accidents.

Also, we have strict rules as to who can access the storage areas. It’s only you and our employees with the right clearance.

Most of all, we take pride in our storage facilities’ cleanliness. It’s so clean it’s close to living quality.

We accept transit-to-storage needs

We can pick the items from your home and deliver it to our storage facility. Moreover, our team is available for white glove moving-to-storage. With us, there’s no work to do. Our movers will do everything for your convenience.

Be it short or long distance transit, our trucks are always ready to hit the road. Just call us to get started. Our storage is billed monthly. If you want a special contract, just contact us to know more.

We can store special items

The likes of vinyl records, electronic items, pianos, antique pieces of furniture, and large clocks need special packing, transport, and storage. In fact, our team is very professional to handle all these items to retain its condition.

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