Tipping a Mover

The job of a mover is indeed a difficult one. Not only are movers expect to carefully remove and fit your household items into their moving truck, but they also have to ensure that all your items arrive at your new location all in one piece.

The kind of responsibility bestowed on a mover is one that really deserves a reward in the form of a tip. And while it’s easy to guesstimate how much to tip the waitress at the restaurant or the pizza guy when he delivers, a lot of people are in the dark about how much tip a mover should get. Most find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place as they do not want to overpay the mover and at the same time they do not want to underpay him either. Just does how one decides on how much to pay the mover in tips?

Well moving experts would tell you that it is the mover’s job performance that should be taken into consideration when tipping. You’re looking to see if your movers are courteous and patient and if they are handling your personal items as carefully as they would their own. Punctuality should also be a big deciding factor. After all, no one wants to wait for the movers. Movers are appoint an estimate time frame that it would take them to move a customer. If your mover went over the time promised and it was not your fault, then this should also determine the way that you tip him.

On average, those who have tipped their movers have paid nothing short of $20. And if the service was really exceptional, some have even gone to distance to provide the movers with either food or drinks for their time and service.

How to tip a mover properly?

This type of tipping is great if you are moving to a location that is within your city or town. There are those who may have to move long distance like to another state. Just how do you tip those movers? Obviously when tipping long distance movers, you must be prepare to give a generous tip. Bear in mind that when you are moving out of state, it may take up to two batches of movers to get your items to your new location. This means that you have to not only tip the movers who are picking up your items from your old home, but you also have to tip those who are dropping off your stuff at the new location.

As you move, find out from the main moving office about what is included in your fee. Some moving companies tend to leave out certain details in your moving contract that you would have to use your better judgment when tipping the moving men. For instance, you may have them remove a piano from your home or a huge item like a wardrobe down the stairs from an upper room. These items are tricky to move especially if there are narrow spaces involved, but the moving office may not always include it in your price. If they don’t, then you owe it to the mover to make sure that they are well compensated.